Seven years later, let’s try this blogging thing again.

To clean writing corresponds clear thinking. Through the years, I have started building a second brain of knowledge and content, but never shared anything with the public. This is an attempt to change that.

Public writing gives you an audience, accountability, someone to discuss with. All things you will miss when writing in a private “second brain”.

As I type this, I have been sitting on this reboot for a few days. Poking at the theme and configuration, lightly editing the content, never convinced to press “Publish”. So, here we are.

To overcome that feeling, let’s try this:

Rocket blasting off into space, sci-fi, Warm Color Palette, Detailed Render,
Digital Art, Realistic -- Image generated by DiffusionBee “Just ship it!”

And ship it early, gather feedbacks, iterate. Fail fast, if you must.

This is also a fresh start. It has fewer features, less bloat, and more focus on content. The new theme is based on Jekyll’s minima. I have made only minor edits and tried my hand at CSS along the way to:

  • Have colored alerts in posts.
  • Toggle light/dark mode.
  • Simplify the footer.
  • New social icons for email and I submitted an upstream change for x here.